W2 Plan of Action

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The W2 Plan of Action is a structured plan of Health Promotion and wellness activities for the entire calendar year. It serves a blueprint and for a healthier, more ready command. The Plan of Action is comprehensive guide that provides health promotion personnel with tools in order support their role and gives commands’ the opportunity to be rewarded with the Blue H award if activities are completed throughout the year. Additionally, this tool will help provide commands with information/data on the health of their service members.

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Communications update

The W2 Communications update is monthly summary of the education/awareness activities, health observances, and our social media information.

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Health Challenges

Health Challenges are a great method to encourage participants to be active and participate in healthy behaviors. Download a challenge below for use in Plan of Action.

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W2 Plan of Action

The W2 Plan of Action is comprehensive guide for a command’s health promotion activities through the year. Create a new plan for your command by selecting new then Plan of Action.

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